Lightning Boy Studio's Ghibli Cloud (Blender EEVEE)

Lightning Boy Studio
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This is an example scene of a 3D cloud inspired by Ghibli studio's films, created by David from Lightning Boy Studio.

You can watch his original tutorial here :


This technique makes use of Collection Instances to build stylised cloud shapes. The volumetric effect is achieved by stacking a series of planes with an Array Modifier.

Make a new cloud shape using Shift-A > Collection Instance > Cloud. The shape can be moved, rotated and scaled. Make duplicates using Shift-D to combine multiple shapes together and build a more complex cloud.

Since Collection Instances cannot have a material, you can only access the material by clicking on the Original Cloud, located under the Cloud collection.

If the scene becomes too laggy, increase the Distance Y value of the Array Modifier on the Original Cloud.

Gradients driven by empty objects, as well as positive and negative lights, can be used to fine tune the light and shadows.

To change the shape of a cloud, update the custom normal map texture and alpha texture.

Alternatively, you can vary the shapes using the Color input in Object Properties > Viewport Display.

The [R] value will offset the 3D Noise texture.

The [G] value will scale the 3D Noise texture.

the [B] value will make the cloud gradually disappear as you raise it above 1, making it look patchy.

Note: By default, the RGB sliders won't go above 1, but you can type in any value you like. For example, you could scale the Noise to 30 by entering that value manually in the Green channel.

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A Blender scene with the Ghibli Cloud as shown in our tutorial

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Lightning Boy Studio's Ghibli Cloud (Blender EEVEE)

134 ratings
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